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Si Maroun (pictured above)

As a motorcyclist with a very strong passion for riding, I started TT Moto Gear as a company founded on being able to deliver the best gear for motorcyclists with excellent customer service. TT Moto Gear is not designed to deliver the best deal or the lowest price. It is set up to support serious riders with the best safety gear PERIOD!

I have been an avid motorcyclist for 20+ years on the street and in the dirt. Also, I have over 10 years and thousands of miles of experience on the racetrack. I’ve gone through countless leather suits, jackets, pants, gloves, boots, helmets, etc. Each time I bought new gear, I researched what was available at that point in time. With each new gear purchase I crept closer to items delivering a more comfortable feel while being as good or better in the safety rating. I’ll admit, at times I did purchase the cheaper item after doing my research and regretted it each and every time. The old phrase my father told me time and time again, “you get what you pay for,” rang in my head after each poor decision to go with the lower priced item thinking it will deliver the same experience as the premium priced gear. It never did. It’s simple: If the lower priced gear was good as or better than the higher priced items, it wouldn’t be priced that low. The reason why the best gear costs more is because it is safer and more comfortable.

More about why Kushitani:
What defines good motorcycle gear? Safety and comfort are two words with which most people identify. It is tough to find gear which is safe, comfortable, and has strong protection in the event of a crash. Most of the time, leathers are built like suits of armor and feel heavy after riding for a while on the street or track. At some point, riders find themselves questioning the comfort vs. safety benefits of a glove, jacket, or leather suit. Maybe it is just too tight under the arms or around the legs. Maybe they encounter a glove rubbing their knuckles as they navigate a racetrack in the heat, thinking more about blisters than the next apex. For some riders, the gear is so uncomfortable, they stop wearing it all together.

TT Moto Gear is committed to helping each rider find the best protection and comfortable fit of gear. That’s why we handle Kushitani. The leather is second to none. The leather and leather processing of Kushitani leather enables it to take SERIOUS abuse in the event of a crash. Seam failure is usually caused by leather dragging as it bites into the asphalt, causing MASSIVE amounts of force on the stitching. Kushitani suits are designed and manufactured to slide with less friction, removing a lot of the force generated during the slide. The fit, finish, and comfort are second to none. If you've never tried on a set of Kushitani leathers, it’s difficult to explain. Yes, they are almost as comfortable as wearing set of pajamas, and they protect you like a suit of armor.

Will the best gear in the world guarantee you won’t get injured? No. What it will do is this: It’ll feel great wearing it EACH and EVERY time you ride (all the gear, all the time). It’s stylish, and, in the event that you do crash, it will protect you. Everyone knows the phase, “there are those that have gone down, and those that will.” The best gear will give you the strongest outcome of surviving with the least amount of injury.

Think about this for one moment. What is the cost of road rash, a broken bone, or soft tissue damage? Time recovering from injuries is long and painful, with time lost riding, working and enjoying life. The cost of medical bills, lost time from work, the “I told you so,” and your loss of confidence in riding are all factors to consider in choosing what gear you wear.

My personal experience of going down multiple times on a motorcycle in the dirt, on the street, and at the track is one that never gets easy to deal with emotionally as the event unfolds in a blink of an eye or in slow motion beyond the grasp of control. I am married to a medical massage therapist who deals with injuries, and I have a background in engineering and manufacturing. So, I REALLY understand the larger picture of what the best gear in world does for protection.

I’ve been in leathers which ripped apart in crashes, and ill-fitting leathers have rag-dolled me more than once. I can attest to this: The value of walking away without a scratch and being able to throw a leg back over a motorcycle after a crash is truly precious.

I fully appreciate and respect that not everyone can spend the same amount of money on safety gear. But I do ask that before you spend hundreds of dollars on adding a go-fast part or a shiny part on your machine, take care of protecting YOURSELF with the best gear you can afford.