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Kushitani Leather Race Suit K-57K- SALE/CLOSEOUT
Kushitani Leather Race Suit K-57K- SALE/CLOSEOUT
Kushitani Leather Race Suit K-57K- SALE/CLOSEOUT
Kushitani Leather Race Suit K-57K- SALE/CLOSEOUT

Kushitani Leather Race Suit K-57K- SALE/CLOSEOUT

$ 1,700.00 $ 1,175.00

Kushitani K-0057K Leather Race Suit-CLOSEOUT SALE

Price reduced from $1,700 to $1,175.  

This is an outstanding deal.  Limited to onhand inventory.

This suit is available in the Black on White color combination only.

Kushitani’s leather is a top-quality natural material. Due to the softness of the leather, our suits fit better than the ordinary race suit.  This material forms to your body, is water proof, and provides maximum comfort. Riders say that these suits feel like leather pajamas.  From the selection of leather, to cutting and stitching, we take extra care to provide you with the very best products we can produce.

Punched mesh: Kushitani suits are perforated, for maximum airflow and minimum body exhaustion.

Producing one of the safest race suits on the market, we have to use the proper raw material.  There is appropriate leather for every product. The leather must be chosen according to the value standard of the product. High quality leather makes high quality products.  Workmanship is also essential to the production of the most valuable suits for motorcycle racing. We constantly pursue all possibilities in R&D with the intention of only producing the safest and most comfortable suits in the world.

 Kushitani's X-Pattern is a patented (Pat:905216) Kushitani original design. During the 1993 race season the Kushitani contracted riders tested the then newly developed X-pattern suits for first time. We have modified this design several times over the years, each time with the rider's comfort and safety in mind.  Our suits have excellent performance, in properties such as; creep, dexterity, weight, chemical resistance, cut/abrasion resistance, and high temperature abrasion resistance.

KUSHITANI’S ARMOR: Kushitani's revolutionary K-FOAM is a highly shock absorbing memory foam, which molds itself to your individual moldy shape. We use K-FOAM in Kushitani race suits and have been using K-Foam for more than 10 years, and there is no equivalent material on the market yet. K-Foam’s effectiveness has been proven over and over.

Below are guidelines for sizing on these suits. 

M-[110-135lbs] – [5’4”-5’6”] – [Euro48/US38] – [28/30” waist] -This is perfect for kids or really petite people

L – [130-155lbs] – [5’5”-5’7”] – [Euro50/US40] – [30/32 waist] -Good fit for teens or women

LL- [135-160lbs] - [5’7”-5’9”] – [Euro50-52/US40-42] – [32/34 waist] -Taller teens or thinner body style

LL/XL – [150-170lbs] – [5’7”-5’9”] – [Euro52-54/US42-44] – [34/36 waist] -Same length as LL but wider in the chest

XL – [160-180lbs] – [5’8”-5’10”] – [Euro52-54/US42-44] – [34/36 waist] - regular build that normally fit in US42-44

3L – [175-200lbs] – [5’9-6’0”] – [Euro54-56/US44-46] - [36/38 waist] - regular/stout build that normally fit in US44-46

4L – [200-220lbs] – [6’0”-6’3”] – [Euro56-58/US46-48] – [38/40 waist] - These will fit taller or wider riders

5L – [210-240lbs] – [6’1”-6’4”] - [Euro58-60/US48-50] – [40/42 waist] - Really tall or wide riders