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RS Taichi Inner Suit

RS Taichi Inner Suit

$ 99.95

  • Quick wicking and high-evaporative-rate fabric keeps you dry and comfortable in hot weather
  • Designed to wear under leather racing suits
  • Flex panel above lower back for better fit and mobility
  • Makes sliding in or out of your leathers much easier, especially after already sweaty
  • Stretch material on the wrist and ankle to keep secure fit
  • Off-set front zipper


Order the same size inner suit as your Taichi leathers (52 Taichi leather suit = L/52 NXU915 Inner Suit).  If you are wearing another brand of leathers, consult the size chart below or contact us for assistane.    For Kids sizes, go off the total height of the child (floor to top of head) and order closest corresponding size (e.g. your kid is 3'11" = 119.4cm = size 120 Kids NXU915).